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R-Squared is what we like to call an “immersive experience.” Rather than select from a plethora of sessions and speakers, each attendee will register for one of our four experiences listed below. Over the course of two days, attendees will stay within their selected experience, participating in hands-on sessions that will have them venturing beyond the walls of the conference center.

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17 spots available

Creative Spaces

Explore how a space can make a person feel welcome, creative, inspired or, conversely, not so great. Gain skills to reimagine your space, whether it’s an office, a room or an entire library.

"Space matters. We read our physical environment like we read a human face."
—Scott Doorley, Make Space

The Creative Spaces Experience is part Architecture 101, part workshop on making spaces, and provides attendees with the tools to rethink any-sized space. Explore basic design principles like scale, rhythm, proportion, color, light, nature, and inspiration while reflecting on the characteristics of a successful public space. What makes people engage? What makes people feel comfortable, creative, connected? Participants will leave with a better understanding of the basic concepts of successful public spaces and how to rethink the role of space in libraries.

Participants will:

  • Prepare for future change and ambiguity through hands-on design activities
  • Discover ways to create spaces that support creative cultures
  • Understand the common elements of successful public spaces and how to engage community participation

Led by Dennis Humphries, AIA, and Ozi Friedrich, LEED AP, of Humphries Poli Architects, Inc. Denver, Colorado and Cynthia M. Nikitin, Vice President, Project for Public Spaces, Inc., New York, NY

11 spots available


Learn how to create a fun, vibrant, creative culture at your organization - and why this is so important. Topics include communications, collaboration, creating core values and more.

Staff culture is at the heart of any organization, and core values influence an organization's culture, including internal processes and community perception. The Culture Experience will help attendees understand the key concepts of what builds a vibrant, creative, risk-positive organizational culture and how employees at all levels can influence and support it.

We believe work should be fun. This experience-based learning adventure will take attendees out of their comfort zones and into Telluride's gorgeous Mountain Village to discover ways they can foster courage, collaboration and communication in their libraries.

NOTE: Participants will be on the move. Bring comfy shoes and a sense of adventure.

Participants will:

  • Learn the importance of core values and culture and how they affect organizational success
  • Learn how to identify core values and leverage authentic communication, calculated courage, and meaningful collaboration to build a vibrant organizational culture
  • Be immersed in a culture of active, collaborative team-building while exploring Telluride in an Amazing Race-style adventure chock full of risk and its rewards

12 spots available

Customer Curiosity

Discuss ways to nurture and support customer curiosity in order to inspire discovery, learning and creativity; and celebrate customers as content producers and creative beings.

Curiosity is the driving force in the search for information, and the library plays an important role in connecting curious customers with what they’re looking for. Libraries no longer merely provide information, but curate information. Customers no longer just consume information, but explore and create it. As the information needs of library customers evolve, it becomes critical for libraries to find new ways to celebrate and encourage curiosity, discovery and creativity.

Participants will

  • Experience a sense of creative discovery by exploring different ways to engage customers
  • Learn tools to assess and address the challenges to creating a participatory environment
  • Establish a professional network to develop creative ideas, both during the conference and in the future

Day 1 led by Nina Simon, Executive Director of the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History, and Day 2 led by John Bellina and Tasso Stathopulos, founders of Denver marketing firm Ricochet Ideas.

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Abundant Community

Discover how libraries can strengthen their roles as catalysts for social engagement. Lead by example through creative partnerships and innovation in our ever-changing, hyperlinked world where everything is connected.

Libraries must elevate their role as catalysts for social engagement by actively connecting people not only with information but also opportunities. This two-day experiential intensive will focus on highly effective (and sometimes surprising) ways to tap into the underlying knowledge and power of any community and align forces with the people and organizations that create it. The Abundant Community Experience is designed to help attendees understand and draw upon their greater personal and professional library roles to help make their communities better, happier places.

Participants will:

  • Look at their community with new eyes and recognize community assets – the knowledge, skills, etc. – of community members.
  • Understand community goals. (Where does the community want to go?)
  • See community connections and community hubs clearly. (Who are our connectors?)
  • Understand how to leverage community assets and connectors to strengthen communities and move toward shared community goals.

Led by Dr. John L. McKnight and John Creighton.