As I was driving home last night, I was struck by just how lucky I am to have been able to attend this conference. The amount of energy and dedication at this conference was infectious and I am returning to work with a renewed sense of purpose and a whole artillery of new ideas. I hope that the return to "real life" will not completely dismantle my new beliefs in myself and our profession, but I know that if my creativity goes back into hiding I have a whole support group of librarians I can turn to and I hope that we will continue to nurture the relationships formed at this conference and remind each other regularly that we are creative, passionate, professionals who CAN make a difference. I feel extremely lucky to count myself among this group. Thank you all for making an impact on my career, my thinking, and my life. 


What an incredible opportunity. Thanks are hardly enough, but always appropriate. Thank you to all of the conference sponsors, organizers, presenters and participants. We all know it: as the Carson City library director, Sara Jones always says: libraries matter.

Now the matter at hand is here .... take our lessons learned and bet them all by applying them to great work. Nevada's capital needs to pave the way for this story, afterall according to the Wall Street Journal's ranking that Carson City would be the very last community in America to recover there's no way but up. Right?! And as MANY of you know (thanks to everyone who listened to the story) we have a plan to do that and ... you guessed it it's ALL about a library. Check out this powerful turnaround vision at

Thanks again R2 - we are a tribe.