Keep that creative ball rollin'

R-Squared 2012 may be over, but the exciting work is just beginning. Now is the time to put all of those great ideas you learned in Telluride into practice.

Gale-Cengage Learning has partnered with the R2 Team to bring you an exciting opportunity to reap the rewards of your most innovative, risky thinking. Here's what you do:

1. Think of an innovative, risky, inspiring way to tell the world about your library.

2. Submit a video or brief essay describing your innovative marketing idea.

3. Win $5,000 to make your idea come to life.

If you had $5,000 to market your library, what would you do? Skywriter? Puppy parade? The bolder the better. Deadline for submission is Oct. 5, so start brainstorming (or role-storming) today!