Dear R2: Thanks for the Memories

Creating a 3 minutes flat.

It is hard to believe that the conference is already over! As my  friends and I reluctantly pack our bags and head out through the beautiful Rocky Mountains, we are buzzing with ideas and concepts to share with our respective libraries. The last few days have been amazing.  I have met so many people from across the United States and made new connections with colleagues in Colorado! I feel like I have gained so much professionally and personally, I am excited to take my experience back to my library and share them.

My chosen experience was "Culture" and I am super glad I participated in it. I found myself with a great group of people (one woman from the Gates Foundation and another a keynote speaker who faced her fear of snakes) that were amazng, energetic, innovative, and supportive the entire two days we were together. It seemed like we were a well oiled machine form the get-go, finishing each other's sentences and each contributing our own special skills and dynamics to create our unique culture.

Imagine...nine strangers. A newly formed team of individuals creating a environment based on similar core values. Developing new skills that they can take with them and share with others. In two days.

Crazy you say?

No. It. Was. AMAZING.

Thank you, R-Squared. It has been a blast.