Creative Spaces: Day 2

Creative Spaces
What would you change about this ski hill?

Today's Creative Spaces team moved in a new direction, this time focusing on the importance of public spaces. The Project for Public Spaces' Vice President Cynthia Nikitin offered plenty of perspective on great community centered design, stressing the importance of sociability, access, comfort, and activity. The group also assessed places around Mountain Village to assess experience and offer ideas for improvement. Want to read more about Nikitin's great questions for assessment? Read more after the jump.

Each group went to a new area around Mountain Village, with the ski hill pictured above assigned to our group. Our group was able to rate the space using the questions provided:

  • What kinds of things would you like to be able to do here?
  • How would you like to get to and from here?
  • How would this place be related to adjacent places?
  • What kind of amenities/features would you like to see here that would add to the character of this place and make it more comfortable for you?
  • What kind of opportunities are there for social interactions?

Once we looked over the space and shared our ideas, we were offered further cues for more intensive evaluation.

  • What temporary/experimental/start-up activities would you like to see here?
  • What activites should be accomodated in the space in the long term?
  • Ask someone who is in the "place" what they like about it and what they would do to improve it. Their answer:
  • What local partnerships or local talent can you identify that could help implement some of your proposed improvements? Please be as specific as possible.

Using these tools, our group started along a healthy brainstorming track. We came up with creative plans for the space that we thought would improve it. Our most valuable moment came in the interview of a local merchant, who explained more about the history and natural development of the space, along with issues that we had never thought of before talking to him. This drove home to me just how important it is to bring in stakeholders in to a building project while it is still in the early design phase. Without the input from this community member, we might have thought it best to move ahead in a whole new direction.