What did I learn today? What am I thinking about after a fabulous day at R2?

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Risk & regret, soft tissue damage and connection across generations. Andrea Davis is a reference & instruction librarian at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA.


Photos by Melissa Plantz

Future orientation, Sarah Palin (what?) and big orgs thinking like small orgs. Pam Nissler is executive director of Jefferson County Public Library in Colorado.

A trail riding leader shows off the job she loves at the Altitude Adjustment Reception on Sunday

During the terrific R2 pre-conference party last night, I had the opportunity to talk to the young woman on the horse pictured above. My colleague, Jenny Levine, and I asked her how she liked Telluride and her job in general. "How could I not love it?" she asked back, gesturing to the horse she rode. "This is my office."

What she said struck me first as sweet, and suddenly as relevant to our R2 experience. "That's your first blog post," Jenny joked. Yeah, she was totally right.

Only 2% of seniors graduating high school today feel as though they are creative. Unfortunately, I see this everyday and it doesn't need to be that way! Every student in my high school is creative! I see it I the way they interact with each other the fun ideas they come up with for homecoming or to ask each other to dances! Each one of them has an amazing amount of potential...they just don't know it! Why? Are they too afraid of giving a wrong answer or doing an assignment wrong? Is it just easier to do things the way that they have always been done?

This morning I was inspired and impressed with all the creative juices flowing around me. A room full of people who have been waiting for permission to play! Willing to brainstorm, roleplay, debate and discuss. Sharing ideas is a risk and everyone was willing to take it! The question behind most library conferences is "What will the future bring?" But this conference is asking us something slightly different. This conference asks us instead "What will we bring to the future?" One is passive, one is active. Proactive even! One puts us in the victim role and the other sets us free!

Here are the final tallies from Karen Perry's live audience polling during her introductory session this morning. Anything surpising to you? Tell us in the comments...

Bridal Veil Falls

Kicked off the conference with a hike up to and above Bridal Veil Falls with the incomparable Matt Hamilton.