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Photos by Melissa Plantz

Before breakfast on day one, R2 was already the best conference I'd ever been to. I have never been in a group so excited about the speakers and presentations on the conference schedule. But, I've also never been to a conference that valued participants' creativity and ideas and created a collaborative culture between presenters and participants.

Risk and Reward: Amazing Race Style!

Being part of the Culture Experience was the choice I made - accepting challenges was the name of the game! I must say, this experience was all it was hyped to be and more. I knew it would call on some pretty new skills but most of my anxiety was built around the physically demanding aspect of this challenge. I found the real task of this experience fell into the ability if nine strangers to build a brand, develope an identity, and be true to the core values we chose to live by during our adventure...and own it.

Today was unlike any other day at a conference I have ever had!  I was part of the 'Culture Experience'.  As the Experience started, we were placed randomly in one of 8 groups.  My group, the Flaming Banditos, had eleven folks in it.  We were told it was going to be an Amazing Race like experience.  Kind of an Amazing Race mixed with Fear Factor in my opinion.  Great group.  Awesome folks.  

Everything about R-Squared has been exciting to me.  My first library conference, the opportunity to attend, the location, and the fact that since I booked my room late I get to travel between the conference and the lodge via gondola!  Pre-conference, I found the website to be quite the teaser.  There was just enough information to interest me...but not give me a real good idea of what exactly I would be doing.  Leading up to this conference I would check in to see what I could learn - but it seemed that attending would be the only way for me to really know.  It mad

Ok all you customer curiosity people...what if the gondola had night vision capabilities so you could see the wildlife that is surely out there at night. Also, what if there was a way to communicate with the people behind you to tell them if something cool is coming up that they should keep an eye out for....I'm wondering if I will ever stop thinking of crazy ways to improve things...

Culture is core, repelling and the mindset of staff. Gretchen Caserotti is assistant director for public services at Darien Library in Connecticut.

Dennis Humphries explains the power of parti at The Peaks

Today's Creative Spaces track took us through architecture school in just four short hours. Not only did we get a crash course in Architecture 101, we also got lots of hands on training building arches, designing libraries made of apples, and making a full building out of enormous pieces of foam core board.

Is it wrong that I left the customer curiosity experience with more questions than answers? I feel like this particular experience, combined with the session from this morning is going to guide the things that I try to do in my library this year. As a school librarian I am limited, mostly by scheduling, in what I can do to engage the students. However, I now feel that with a little creativity I can start to ask the right questions to engage the students, and perhaps even the teachers.